Our History | East Bay Regional Park District

The East Bay Regional Park District of today is the result of decades of hard work by innumerable citizen activists, elected district directors, general managers, district employees, environmental organizations, public officials, volunteers, and taxpayers who have collaborated to ensure that residents in this region will have access to a system of magnificent regional parklands. View our 85th Anniversary Story Map.

Read the stories of our history and heritage.

  • Women in Parks - 2020 celebrates the 100th Anniversary of Women’s Right to Vote. Read about women from the past and present who have contributed to the success of the Park District.

  • 85th Anniversary & Story Map – Celebrate the Park District’s 85th Anniversary with special events and historic photos.

  • 80th Anniversary – Celebrate eight decades of your East Bay Regional Parks with special events and historic photos.

  • 75th Anniversary & Timeline - This account describes selected events for each of the seven major eras that were important to the formation and growth of the Park District.

  • A Vision Achieved -- Fifty Years of East Bay Regional Park District - this commemorative, photo-filled book was released on the 50th anniversary of the Park District to chronicle the founding and first half-century's growth of the Park District.

  • Living Landscape - A probing account into the history of the Park District on its 75th anniversary. The book, by writer and oral history researcher Laura McCreery, focuses on the people, events, and issues that shaped the largest and most innovative regional park system in the country. Living Landscape is available online on WorldCatAmazon and at select Regional Parks Visitor Centers.

  • Our Vision (Master Plans) - The East Bay Regional Parks will preserve a priceless heritage of natural and cultural resources, open space, parks, and trails for the future and will set aside park areas for enjoyment and healthful recreation for generations to come. An environmental ethic guides us in all that we do.

  • Hulet Hornbeck (1919 - 2012) - Hulet enjoyed a distinguished career as Chief of Land Acquisition of the East Bay Regional Park District from 1965 through 1985, serving legendary leaders William Penn Mott and Richard Trudeau.

  • The Oakland Hills Firestorm ~ 20 Years Later - Many years have passed since the catastrophic Oakland Firestorm raged through the hills in October 1991, but for the East Bay Regional Park District staff members who fought it, the memories are still vivid.

  • East Bay Fire History - The East Bay has a long history of wildland fires and over time the East Bay has become increasingly more prone to fires. 

  • Anza Exploration in the San Francisco Bay Area - The East Bay Regional Park District in collaboration with the National Park Service have produced fourteen interpretive panels and a brochure covering the Anza Exploration.

  • Cultural Resources - The lands managed by the East Bay Regional Park District have a rich history and diverse cultural background.

  • Alameda, in the Beginning: Memory Lane – A Virtual History Tour of Crab Cove and the surrounding area. Designed as a mobile based tour for visitors of the Crab Cove Visitors Center.

  • Contra Costa County and the East Bay Regional Park District Celebrate a Golden Anniversary (1964 - 2014), by Ned MacKay and Beverly Lane. [PDF]