Exploring the Outdoor in Winter – Preparedness 101


Successful winter outdoor recreation is achievable with some forethought and planning. Below is a brief list of things to keep in mind before you venture out into your favorite East Bay Regional Park this season.

  1. Wear proper clothes for the weather. A layering system is best for ultimate comfort.
    Pro Tip: Wool stays warm even when wet!
  2. Invest in some waterproof footwear. Prepare for the trails to be muddy.
    Pro Tip: Bring a spare pair of shoes to change into when you get back to your car!
  3. Stay hydrated. Even when the weather is cool, one can easily become dehydrated.
    Pro Tip: Bring a thermos with a hot beverage for your pit stops.
  4. Stay properly fueled as well. Exercising in cold temps burns more calories than in warmer weather.
    Pro Tip: Look for snacks that contain healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, and salt for replenishing your electrolytes.
  5. Check the Weather before you venture out. While rain should not necessarily deter you, make sure you have the proper gear to handle whatever Mother Nature has in store for the day.
    Pro Tip: Download a weather app to your phone for quick reference.
  6. Research your trail ahead of time. The Park District has 1,330 miles of trails and conditions vary widely.
    Pro Tip: Paved trails such as Nimitz Way in Tilden Park, Alameda Creek Trail in Fremont and Marsh Creek Trail in Contra Costa County are great options in wet/muddy weather.
  7. Trekking poles are great for added stability on loose/slippery terrain.
    Pro Tip: Wet wood is slick! Use caution when stepping on it.

Have Fun! Winter recreating has many advantages such as fewer mosquitoes, cooler temps and often more solitude. Remember to bring your mask and maintain 6’ of distance.

Dave Mason, Public Information Supervisor