Roberts Regional Recreation Area

Playground Closure

The Playground at Roberts Regional Recreation Area will remain CLOSED on  Monday, November 15 and Tuesday, November 16, as trees are being removed from adjacent areas to the playground.

Park Info

10570 Skyline Blvd
Oakland, CA 94619

: $5 per vehicle; $4 per trailered vehicle. Buses: $25/per bus.
Dogs: $2 per dog. Guide/service dogs free payable.

Gate Hours
Nov.-Feb.: 8am-5pm
March: 8am-6pm
April: 8am-7pm
May-Aug.: 8am-8pm
September: 8am-7pm
October: 8am-6pm

Opens 8am year-round
Closes based on daylight hours. Early closures based on lack of park users or foul weather.

Swim Hours & Fees
Closed for the 2021 season

Park Entrances
> Main Entrance
> Roberts Pool
> Bowmen Archery Club
> Redwood Bowl Staging Area
> ADA Play Area

Phone Number
Toll Free: 888-EBPARKS (888-327-2757), option 3, extension 4555

> Trail Map
> Park Map [PDF]
> Google Map

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About The Park

This 87-acre area is a popular place for family and group picnicking. It is known for its lush setting in a grove of fragrant second growth redwood trees off Skyline Boulevard in Oakland. The original grove was logged between 1840 and 1860 to support the needs of a growing Bay Area community. Watch videos clips.

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Adopt a Park

Early in 1979 Roberts became the first park in the two county Regional Park District to be "adopted" by a local industry. An ongoing partnership was formed with Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corporation, tapping the financial and human resources of the worldwide, Oakland based firm to assure the continued operation of this popular urban parkland.

The Adopt A Park program was developed in July 1978 after California citizens voted to change the state's tax structure, resulting in funding cutbacks for special districts and public agencies like EBRPD that were primarily dependent on property taxes for operation. For more information on how to help the District maintain its current parklands and services, call the Public Affairs Department at 1-888-EBPARKS (1-888-327-2757) or write to: East Bay Regional Park District, P.O. Box 5381, Oakland, CA 94605-0381, Attn: Public Affairs Department.

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Roberts Regional Recreation Area opened for public recreation and enjoyment in 1952. The park was named to honor Thomas J. "Tommy" Roberts, who at that time had served as secretary to the East Bay Regional Park District board of directors for 24 years. He continued to serve on the board until his death in 1958 at age 95.

Park Features

Roberts Regional Recreation Area features a baseball field, playfields and a sand volleyball court (all available on a first come, first served basis). Roberts Park is also home to a new "Barrier Free" wheelchair accessible children's play area.

The Redwoods

Because the Roberts entrance and parking area are in a grove of redwoods, it has proved to be a popular stop for tourists. This is the best access to redwoods for visitors who cannot hike a long distance or have failed to pack their favorite hiking shoes. Drop by for a'll want to stay longer.

The famous "landmark trees" were believed to have been located in or near Roberts Park; their location is marked by state historic plaque #962 near the Madrone picnic area. These were two giant redwoods used by sailors as navigational aids to avoid the treacherous Blossom Rock, submerged in the bay between Alcatraz Island and San Francisco. Captain F. Beechey of the Royal Navy noted in his log (1826) that in order to miss the rock, one should line up the northern tip of Yerba Buena Island with "two trees...south of Palos Colorados...too conspicuous to be overlooked." The distance from the sailors' ships to these trees was 16 miles, which attests to their size. Historical records indicate that the redwoods in this area ranged up to 20 feet or more in diameter.

Another redwood grove can be reached by entering Redwood Regional Park at the Redwood Gate entrance, two miles east of Skyline Boulevard on Redwood Road. Leave your car in the parking area and stroll along Stream Trail through the shady canyon.

Old Growth Redwood Heritage Viewing Deck and Interpretive Exhibit

Peer into the Bay Area’s redwood past at the Old Growth Redwood Heritage Viewing Deck and Interpretive Exhibit, created in partnership with Save the Redwoods League and unveiled in December 2018. For more than a century, a giant redwood tree stump has lain hidden along the Roberts Ridge/West Ridge Trail at Roberts Regional Recreation Area in the Oakland Hills. Those fortunate to discover it on their own, or as part of a parks program, have had limited opportunity to imagine the forest’s grandeur and days before aggressive logging destroyed it during the 1850s-60s. The new exhibit preserves an old growth footprint with an observation deck for future educational programs on Redwoods and climate change. To visit the viewing platform and interpretive exhibit, hike to the Redwood Bowl area along the Roberts Ridge Trail. Press Release, December 2018

Park Activities



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Pool Closed for the 2021 season

The Roberts Pool complex features a 25 yard, heated swimming pool with a depth of from 3 feet to 8.5 feet (no diving board), vending machines and lawn areas. In addition, the complex is fully accessible to individuals with disabilities, including the bathhouse and an accessible lift into the pool.

The pool is open to the public from mid-April through the end of September,with varying days and times of operation. For current hours of operation call (510) 544-3157 or visit the Swim Facilities page. Programs offered at the pool include group and private swim lessons, recreational swim,and a special time set aside for disabled swimmers only.For information about swim programs or pool rental, call 1-888-EBPARKS or 1-888-327-2757.
POOL ACCESS FEES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE, visit the Swim Facilities page for current fees.

Swim Facilities Capacity Notice
Once the swim facility capacity is reached, there will be no new entries allowed for the remainder of the day (or at the discretion of the Park Supervisor), for the safety of the public. Please take this into consideration when planning your visit.


There are eight reservable picnic sites in the main Roberts area of varying capacities: Bay Vista (150), Manzanita (150), Diablo Vista (75), Huckleberry (100), Sycamore (50) Madrone (50), Oak (35) and Roberts Grove (35). These sites are reservable for day camps, group picnics and weddings Two additional sites, are located in the Redwood Bowl area: Redwood Bowl (50) Anna Costa (50), these sites are also available for group picnics and weddings. All sites are equipped with serving tables, BBQ pits and drinking fountains. Individual picnic tables and cooking areas are also available on a first-come, first-served basis. See map below for locations.

Make your picnic reservations by phoning EBRPD Reservations , 1-888-EBPARKS or 1-888-327-2757, press option 2. Reservations are not necessary for family picnicking when there are fewer than 25 people in your group.

Hiking, Jogging and Biking

Trail connections from the Roberts area to neighboring Redwood Regional Park make Roberts popular for bicyclists, joggers, runners and hikers. A map of Redwood Regional Park is available on request by phoning (510) 635-0138, ext. 2203.


The Redwood Bowmen Association archery range is located inside the Redwood Bowl entrance off Skyline Boulevard in Oakland. Call (510) 479-3054 for information.

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ADA accessibility icon Park Accessibility

Roberts Park has a new "Barrier Free" wheelchair accessible children's play area. The swim complex is fully accessible to individual with disabilities, including the bathhouse and an accessible lift into the pool.

Trail Accessibility Reports

To Reach The Park

Bus Service

Call AC Transit at 817-1717 (TDD [hearing impaired line] 800-448-9790) to confirm the following bus schedule information: On weekdays #46 runs to the intersection of Skyline Blvd. and Joaquin Miller Road, and further south along Skyline to the former EBRPD headquarters (11500 Skyline Blvd.). It is a 1 mile walk uphill along Skyline to Roberts. From behind the former headquarters building, it is 1.08 miles along the Dunn and Graham trails to Roberts.


From Highway 13 northbound take the Redwood Road exit. The ramp becomes Mountain Blvd. Turn slightly right onto Redwood Road, then follow the road up the hill to Skyline Boulevard and turn left. Continue to the next light and turn right to stay on Skyline Boulevard. Roberts is a mile up Skyline Boulevard on the right.

From Highway 13 southbound take the Joaquin Miller Road / Lincoln Avenue exit. Turn left onto Monterey Boulevard. Turn left onto Joaquin Miller Road. Follow the road up the hill to Skyline Boulevard and turn left. Roberts is a mile up Skyline Boulevard on the right.


BART: (510) 464-6000
AC Transit: 511 or visit:

Trail Map

Maps are available at most of the bulletin boards at trailheads in the park, or you can print your own.

Click the map image below to see an enlarged version.

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