Delta de Anza Regional Trail

Project Notice
Until further notice, the Delta De Anza Trail will be CLOSED between Garrow Drive and Lone Tree Way during canal construction work. Contra Costa Water District is currently working on the repair of the canal. For more info, call Oliver Symonds at CCWD (925) 688-8010.

Trail Info

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Parking: No Fee

Open 5am to 10pm unless otherwise posted or permitted

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About The Trail

This Delta de Anza Regional Trail is named to commemorate the route taken by Spanish explorer Juan Bautista de Anza during his 18th-century expedition into the Delta region of today's East Contra Costa County.

The paved, multi-use hiking, bicycling and equestrian trail currently spans over 15 miles of the planned 25-mile length. When completed, it will generally follow the East Bay Municipal Utility District's corridor and the Contra Costa Water District's canal.

This trail is an alternative transportation corridor connecting communities in central and eastern Contra Costa County. It provides access to regional and community parks, many schools and Los Medanos Community College. The community parks have play areas for children and are excellent rest stops during longer trips, providing restrooms, drinking water and picnic facilities.

The trail intersects Antioch's Mokulumne Trail and the Marsh Creek Regional Trail in Oakley. It connects the cities of Concord, Bay Point, Pittsburg, Antioch and Oakley and provides access to Contra Loma Regional Park (and Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve) through Antioch Community Park.

NOTE: Trail continues. See the Marsh Creek Trail.


Trail Mileage Guide

ADA accessibility iconTrail Accessibility

Most parts of Delta de Anza Regional Trail are wheelchair accessible. Certain parts have small rises or hills that may present difficulties for persons in wheelchairs, particularly portions adjacent to Los Medanos College and Marchetti Park in Pittsburg and portions on either side of Canal Park in Antioch. The trail over the Willow Pass, from Evora Road in Bay Point to Willow Pass Road in Concord, is long and steep.

Responsible Trail-Use Rules

Multi-Use Trail

Safe multiple use of this and other multiple use trails requires everyone's cooperation. Each trail user is asked to exercise common courtesy. BICYCLES YIELD to horses and hikers. HIKERS YIELD to horses. Stay to the right of the trail except when passing. NO MOTORIZED VEHICLES are permitted on the trail, wheelchairs excepted.

Violations of any of the following may result in citation.

All Trail Users

  • Be safe, considerate and aware of your impact on the trail and other trail users.
  • For everyone's safety, keep to the right. Proceed single file around blind curves.
  • For your safety, headphones are not advised.
  • Safety helmets are required by law for bicyclists under age 18, and are strongly recommended for all bicyclists and equestrians.
  • Dogs must be on leash where posted, and under full verbal control elsewhere. Please clean up after your dog.


  • Bicycles are not permitted, either walked, ridden or carried, on trails marked "No Bicycles."
  • Bicycles shall not be ridden at an unsafe speed, or greater than the posted speed limit. Be aware of how you are perceived by other
  • Bells are required on bicycles on Park District trails.
  • Bicycles always yield to pedestrians. Before passing, SLOW DOWN, ring bell and establish verbal contact.
  • When approaching equestrians, call out, ring bell and STOP, whether you are seen or not. Ask for instructions on how to pass safely.
  • On blind turns, SLOW DOWN, call out, ring bell and ride single file.


  • Keep to the right when approached by others.
  • Always yield to equestrians.
  • Look behind and to both sides before changing course.


  • Keep your horse to the right or where safe when encountering other trail users.
  • Communicate. Let other trail users know how to pass your horse safely.
  • Please clean up after your horse on paved trails.

In case of emergency dial 9-1-1. 
Trail conflicts or violations should be reported to the Trail Hotline at  1-510-733-6991
For an immediate response, call  1-510-881-1833.

Trail Map

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Trail Map