Del Valle Visitor Center Now Open


Newly Renovated Visitor Center Features State-of-the-Art Educational Exhibits

Del Valle Regional Park celebrated the completion of a newly remodeled and expanded visitor center at with a reopening event on May 26, 2021. The state-of-the-art exhibits include educational and bi-lingual (English and Spanish) visitor experiences and an interactive and engaging activity for all ages to learn about water management and the lake’s water levels.

The opening day event program included esteemed speakers, a ribbon-cutting ceremony, and tours of the new Del Valle Visitor Center. The renovation project received federal, state, and private funding, including $272,000 from the Regional Parks Foundation.

Speakers included EBRPD General Manager Sabrina Landreth, EBRPD Ward 5 Board Director Ayn Wieskamp, Livermore City Councilmember Britnii Kiick, Zone 7 Water Agency Board President and EBRPD Park Advisory Committee Member Olivia Sanwong, and several staff members involved in the project.

Dave Mason, Public Information Supervisor